A cold chill blew through the air as the skies of day were hidden behind the deepest darkness. There he stood atop that hill, swords pierced into the ground round about him. The strength of his comrades had failed, and there they lay below; unable to fight, unable to move. He laughed both mockingly and triumphantly as he looked down upon them. Their garments stained with blood, their faces marked with dirt, and the look of utter defeat in their eyes.
     “What futile attempts! I had really expected far more from you. Now your precious leader shall belong to me, and with his hands I shall reconstruct my body and tear away everything you’ve worked so hard to create!” he exclaimed, lifting his sword to the skies.
     “No…” came words from the man who stood with his sword drawn high. They were spoken from the same body, but the soul of another had uttered those words of opposition.
     He lowered his sword and smirked. “Ha, and just how do you plan to stop me? It is your body I possess, your will cannot stand against mine,” the dark force controlling the man said.
     “That’s where you’re wrong…” he muttered out in an exasperated voice. “I can stand against you…I will!!” he cried as he took control of his body and held his blade toward himself.
His comrades watched in shock. “No! Stop!” they shouted up to him. They used what little strength they had to try and sit up, even stand, but they knew they were powerless to stop him. To save him.
     “My friends…” their leader said as his arms shook violently. The dark force was trying to toss his blade down, but he kept his grip. “…so long,” he said, then in an instant thrust his sword through his own heart. Darkness poured out as a scream from the dark being sounded simultaneously with his own, then, the darkness dispersed, and light from the sky began to break through.
     “NOOOOOOOOO!!” his comrades screamed as they watched him fall to his knees. Using every bit of their strength, they crawled up to him, tears welling up in their eyes.
     He only smiled, and as his eyes shut he fell into their reaching arms, gone like the darkness that sought to take him.


*  *  *  *  *

     “The end,” Scott said out loud, sitting up and carefully placing his comic book onto the large stack he had collected.

     Scott stood up and stretched his arms into the air as he gave out a big yawn. He glanced at his alarm clock then headed out of his room, making his way to the kitchen for a snack. Once reaching the kitchen he opened the fridge and looked around, then shut the door and opened up the nearest cabinet.

     “Hey, you hungry?” his mom asked while peering around the corner.

     “Oh, I didn’t know you were home already. Yeah, I am. I was just looking for a snack, though,” Scott answered.

     “I got home about ten minutes ago,” she said, walking into the kitchen. “I can fix you up something for supper if you’d like,” she offered, taking hold of the cabinet door.

     “Yeah, that’d be good!” Scott replied then went and took a seat at the dining table that stood out of the way but within the same room. Scott’s mom looked through the various items then over at Scott.

     “How’s mac ‘n’ cheese sound?”

     “Fine,” he replied, putting an elbow on the table and resting his chin in his hand.

     His mom pulled out a pan and began filling it with water. “So what do you want for your birthday? That’s coming up in just a few weeks now.”

     Scott glanced around a second as if to think, then he answered a quick “I dunno.” before setting his arm down on the table and adjusting his seat.

     “Well are there any comic books you’d like?” she inquired as she turned the stove on then got a hairband to pull her long and curly brown hair back with.

     “I just finished the series I had been reading,” Scott replied.

     “Oh you did? How was it? Did it have a good ending?” she asked.Scott gave a sheepish grin and chuckled a bit.

     “Uh…Captain Revos died at the end.”

     “Well that’s not good!” she said in response.

     “No, he had to so he could stop the villain from control--” Scott started to explain but was cut off by the sudden ringing of the telephone.

     “Oh, that’s probably your dad. I’m going to have to answer that. Call me when the water starts to boil,” she told Scott and hurried out of the room to answer the phone.

     Scott set his face back against his hand and watched the small silver pan. He gave out a quiet sigh. It was the end to another day, just like any other. He knew after dinner he’d spend the rest of his evening doing homework. Though, with any luck, he might finish at a reasonable enough time to play some video games before going to bed.

     This was the life he lived. Nothing strange, nothing special, and nothing out of the ordinary…