Thank you for reading! We'll have more updates in October, 2021!

And now, a word from the creator of Saint Parasitic, Hannah...

     Hey! Sorry it's going to be a bit of a wait for that next chapter! I did a poll and the people wanted more Beyond Remnants first! I also have a couple other projects I wanted to prioritize for a while, but we'll pick back up where we left off!


So far we have introduced Thea, her brother who has yet to be named, and Saint!

In the next chapter, we'll get to see more dialogue between Thea and Saint as she presents him with a gift, then we'll get into the backstory that was teased in the prologue! Speaking of which, here's the first picture of Saint that I drew, (minus some really rough concept drafts!)


When I first showed this little Saint to a group of people, they immediately adored him... Cute might not have been the goal, but that's what he is!
As an adult, his horns have grown quite a bit! He's also gotten very tall! He's super skinny no matter which age you see him at, though.

If you're curious about the concept behind Saint Parasitic, what inspired it all, it started with a song! Closet Monster, by The Jellyrox was my inspiration! It's a song about an imaginary monster in your closet that fights off the monsters under your bed. Cute, huh? Well, my imagination loves to run wild when I hear such concepts, so I ended up daydreaming about parasitic monsters that infect children at night when they're most vulnerable, and a monster (Saint) who comes and fights them off! Add in a close friend (Thea,) a tragic backstory (to be explained much later,) and one very angry enemy (to be introduced,) and you have yourself Saint Parasitic!

One last thing to mention, I went over the entire story in 2019 while sitting in the passenger's seat of my husband's car. He gave some great insight! The ending for the series will be so much better thanks to him! He also has helped with some flat coloring, so he's given all due credit as co-creator!

Thanks for sticking with me! See you in October! :)