Beyond Remnants ©

Sci-fi/Adventure/Drama - Recommended reading age: 13+

Summary: Waking in what they're told is a virtual reality, Aitheros and Atrinity have no recollection of entering Remnants as test subjects. They'll have to rely on Glitch, the only individual with memory of the days leading up to these tests, for guidance through this digital disaster.

Contains: Blood, violence, mild alcohol use, smoke and drug references, frightening images, and some adult topics.


Coming in 2022


Chapters of Arson ©

Slice of life - Recommended reading age: All ages

Summary: Arson, the unfortunate name given to an otherwise fortunate young man. Follow in his daily routine as he adjusts to moving out of his apartment and into his new house.

Contains: Some adult topics.


Dream of Snow ©

Fantasy - Recommended reading age: All ages

Summary: One Christmas Eve, a young woman asked for snow. That night, she had a dream...

Contains: Nothing notable!


The Five Layers of Earth ©

Adventure/Drama - Recommended reading age: All ages

Summary: With the loss of his job and his best friend in the same week, Aryes feels he has little left to lose, but taking a journey far from home will prove more difficult than he would have ever imagined.

Contains: Mild violence.


Saint Parasitic ©

Drama/Horror - Recommended reading age: 13+

Summary: Meet Thea, a young woman just branching out into the world, and Saint, her somewhat unusual friend who happens to hunt monsters at night.

Contains: Mild blood, violence, and frightening images.


Two Sides ©

Mystery/Romance - Recommended reading age: 13+

Summary: Follow the adventures of two young individuals as they seek out mystery and grow closer along the way!

Contains: Violence and frightening images.