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A Temporary Standstill

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I used my mouse to finish Beyond Remnants part 2 of chapter 1 today, since my lovely Ugee pen display is unfortunately not working again. I'm going to go ahead and fill you all in!

Glitch from Chapter 1 of Beyond Remnants

When I started Beyond Remnants, I only had a mouse and my purchased Photoshop CS5 with a single monitor and a hand-me-down computer. I made the best of things, but the process was so painfully slow, I knew I needed to go a different route.

So, Andrew and I purchased my Ugee! I was new to using digital ink, as well as CSP, so these things took a little time for me to learn, but I got the hang of them now! My Ugee is still pretty fresh out of the box, I've had it for around a year, but it doesn't work with Windows 10. Every time Windows has an update, my Ugee pen display shuts down and is only really good as a second monitor, not an art tool. This has stopped my work flow almost every single time I have sat down to draw this year. I already have enough on my plate with housework and my kiddo, so delays like this leave me stuck spending more time fixing things and less time getting the actual comics done.

Due to the current situation I'm in, and a lack of personal funds to fix it, I don't really have any other option. I'll be putting things on hold for the rest of 2020.

There will still be an update for Saint Parasitic this year, since chapter 2 was thankfully most of the way done when I put it on hold and I can shade with my mouse well enough. I can also keep helping with Aces, a comic by Godsent Comics that I do flat coloring for, since I can manually select the areas then fill them in. I can't do good digital lineart in a short amount of time without my pen, though, so I will be using this time that I can't progress the comics to research instead, bettering myself and finding a good alternative to my Ugee.

Another thing I plan to do is write up more storyboards for Beyond Remnants, since these do not require excellent art to convey the comic's direction. Right now I only have a text overview of the series, so these are important to make! This means we're not really at a complete standstill... it will just feel like that for those of you waiting for updates. I really don't want to put things on hold, especially since I had plans to launch the series on Webtoons in 2021! I may still be able to do this, but it would have to be late in the year. I will try to make the most of this time, and no matter what, we will get things going again! I will see this series through.

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