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An Update From Andrew

Hey everyone, it's time for another update on the development of Beyond Remnants and all of our other comics! Normally it is Hannah that writes these, but today it's me, her husband, Andrew.

If you've been wondering, our team really just consists of Hannah and I, with freelancers hired for any additional needs.

I am generally a more behind the scenes type of person that helps Hannah with story writing, some coloring, and editing. I am always the first one to get to see comic updates! With all that being said, let's talk about what's been going on recently.

We have been making huge progress this month, after we made a new system of getting at least one part of a comic done every week. Each chapter usually consists of 3-4 parts, so with this in place we are going to be able to make a lot more progress on all of our comics. There will be a ton of content for everyone to enjoy! Before the end of this year we will be releasing lots of content for everyone, so there will be a lot to see, even for those that like to binge everything in a day. All of our comics are getting equal amounts of attention right now, so you can expect to see updates for all of them. Later in the year will be giving special attention to the Beyond Remnants comic and Saint Parasitic.

We also have one more exciting announcement! We are going to be releasing another comic called Chapters of Arson, drawn by me! This is something we don't expect to be happening until at least 2022 because Hannah needs to teach me how to draw almost from scratch. (Right now all I can do is a head and face, which I mess up, so this should be very interesting...) The story will still be written by Hannah, so at least you know even if the art isn't that great, the story will be fantastic!

We will continue to do our best to give you great family-friendly entertainment, and we really appreciate all the support we get from everyone! There is a lot to be excited about as Hannah gets more and more done, and we will keep you posted so make sure to check back here for any updates!

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