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Animal Crossing meets Beyond Remnants

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I have had a wonderful time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons! More recently, I have had the pleasure of making Beyond Remnants designs in the game, and I have a lot to share!

Glitch in adorable Animal Crossing form
Glitch in New Horizons

Glitch is the first character I've recreated in New Horizons!

(I actually had one of my characters as the mayor of my New Leaf town!)

I love having the option to change everything about my character by just walking up to a mirror. Thanks to this feature, I can make the rest of the characters from Beyond Remnants without starting new files on the Switch. It won't be long before the walls of Able Sisters are covered in costumes!


It was really great that Andrew happened to get a Visual-Punk Wig the same day I decided to make this design in New Horizons.

I saw it and asked him to get one for me, too, since it was perfect for Glitch!

It's a pretty cool hairstyle for the Animal Crossing series, though I don't think Glitch is that concerned with his hair right now.

I'm doing more than just attire, of course!

I love making all sorts of designs, and I have a number of portraits created already. I post these on my Instagram and share them to the Beyond Remnants Discord. If you're not already a part of the Discord, I welcome you to check it out! I post other goodies there in the gift channel!

I would love to see others making Animal Crossing designs inspired by Beyond Remnants, and I welcome it!

It would also be so cool to see things created through other games, and maybe I'll get around to doing some of that myself at some point. For now... I have to go log into New Horizons because I haven't turned it on yet today! I've been busy working on art for a certain series. ;)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons hoodie design
A little something for you for getting this far.

Enjoy the designs!

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