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Beyond Remnants Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary!

We're celebrating 4 years of comics! We're also celebrating 8 years of marriage!

Digital art of guy holding happy anniversary sign
Sental does his best to recognize this special occasion!

We put out a Soapy Special today! It features a short artistic comic, shows how Soapy was made, and shares some fun facts! It's a behind-the-scenes look at the series so many of our readers love. It is not hinting at all at a season 3, though. Absolutely not. No connection to any possible next season whatsoever!

We also have a new episode of Saint Parasitic out today! It features a young Saint and Thea as they meet for the first time!

We're busy working on more content, but hope you've enjoyed the updates this anniversary has brought! Nothing better than an anniversary with new episodes to read, right? Well, I guess we'll wait and find out... Next year we'll be celebrating five years of comics, and you might find a lot more layers to that year's event...

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