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The Long Road Ahead

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We're making progress! As slow as it seems, things are moving forward. As of this week I'll have time set aside to work on art for the series, whereas before things were unscheduled, just fitting things in where I could at random.

There's been a lot of learning involved with this series, from the programs I use to the way that I draw. Though still a turtle, I'm happy with my progress and I expect to start having regular updates on social media and such very soon!

I've gotten a lot of support and encouragement from friends as I've shared the prologue. I'm so appreciative! And of course Andrew is always amazing. I couldn't do this without him! (He funds everything!)

I plan to hold a giveaway at the beginning of 2021 to thank supporters for all they've done, and of course, make a little something extra for everyone to enjoy. Seems a long way off, doesn't it? And yet it will get here before I know it! No time to waste, I have to get busy drawing up the rest of the next chapter!

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