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Beyond Remnants Celebrates Its First Anniversary!

The Beyond Remnants webcomic was launched on the official website on April 30th, 2020.

Glitch wallpaper illustrated by Lissie Dixon of Godsent Comics
Glitch wallpaper illustrated by Lissie Dixon of Godsent Comics

So let's have a look back through the year, shall we?

April 30th, 2020: We posted the Prologue.

The website was actually up in March, but the comic didn't truly begin until April! The prologue showed the three main characters, as well as a fourth that has yet to be introduced.

May 9, 2020: We opened our merch shop! (And later closed it...)

We had the intent to add seasonal items in 2021, but decided to go in a different direction with the entire shop concept.

Jun 28, 2020: Progress report!

There wasn't a lot to show right away. There were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that kept the whole process very slow, including a lot of problems with equipment. This isn't all we had to blame, though! We had a lot of social media accounts back then, so our attention was very divided. Now we're a lot more focused with just a few sites being used in addition to

Jul 11, 2020: Finally, the first peek at chapter 1.

There were a lot of updates made to the website, but the comic still only had the prologue and this little sneak peek in July. Pretty discouraged, yet?

Jul 24, 2020: Saint Parasitic releases on the site!

This was more comic content, but not the comic everyone was waiting for or expecting. Regardless, Saint Parasitic was helpful in early development to the Beyond Remnants series! Three chapters in total were released on the website, but it was stated with the launch of the prologue that we wouldn't be seeing regular updates until 2021. This has not been forgotten, just moved back a bit, and we're still planning for a Saint Parasitic update this year in October on both and webtoon! Beyond Remnants will have to wait a bit longer before its webtoon debut...

Aug 12, 2020: Chapter 1 is updated!

A complete chapter at last! Music was added to this at a later date. A new weekly update schedule was set for the website as a whole on Aug 29th. Comic Book Hero was added to the website to read for free while waiting for Beyond Remnants updates, and the new plan for Saint Parasitic's October release was officially announced.

Sep 20, 2020: The great standstill.

The whole comic thing came to a halt when the pen display that had been giving fits from the get-go suddenly refused to work altogether. The only tools left were what had originally been used for painfully slow progress... a mouse and a hand-me-down computer.

Oct 10, 2020: A new pen display!

We shared an unboxing video of a new display! This was a learning and a turning point! We also invested in Clip Studio Paint, and things finally started moving forward, even with the learning involved!

Finally, before the end of 2020, we had another chapter added to Beyond Remnants!

And of course we had also posted some Remnants: non-canon mini comics!

Jan 21, 2021: We updated various blog posts to add tags and categories, added a whole new webcomic, but where was Beyond Remnants chapter 3?

We added a little sneak peek of the third chapter...

March 2021: Andrew gives an update.

And it's pretty great news about our new creative method.

April 2021: A hint was dropped. Something we like to call, "Project 21."

On April 7th we added a new Atrinity emote to our discord to celebrate birthdays!

On April 24th we updated Beyond Remnants, releasing chapter 3 at long last!

On April 27th we did some big site updates!

And finally, April 30th, 2021, we posted this overview of Beyond Remnants' first year.

Thank you for the support! And now that you've read this far, it's time we gave those paying careful attention the last piece of the puzzle: 9/

Best wishes to you in the year Beyond!

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