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Call to Action

It's been a rough few months. Hannah was sick for a month straight, then we hosted a big event as soon as she was well, which went on for a week. After the party, it was time to buckle down and work on our action comic, RESISTANCE: Fabled Peace, but it was one obstacle after another! Hannah got intense eyestrain from overworking, a pinched nerve in her neck and shoulder, her computer decided not to work one morning and Andrew had to take it apart to fix the issue. There was a lot of sleep deprivation, and we ended up sick again for two weeks! All the while we were trying to work on our comic. Happy to say we got it done and entered it into a contest! Our goal in all this is to get more exposure! We want those looking for clean content to find us.

We just uploaded a video of our comic, too! You can check that out here.

We also have a free desktop wallpaper for the series available for download!

We're going to take a quick breather now, then we'll be back to work to give you guys what you want! We really do love what we do, and we'll continue working hard to improve the quality of our work as well!

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