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Discord Server Revamp

To those active in our community, you've probably noticed our Discord is looking a little bare right now. That's because we're doing a complete revamp!

For the time being, we've paused all invites to the server to give us time to work things out. The layout for the channels, with additions to and subtractions from the server, are already finished in the background. We'll switch the channels to public and open invites again in April, 2023. Yeah, it's a long way out, but we'll work hard to make it all worth the wait!

If you're a part of our community now, you can take part in votes and feedback to help shape our future! We want to hear from you all!

If you're waiting to get in, great! You can be a part of the wave we'll be making in April.

We have plans for a livestream to unveil the server updates, along with a special trailer announcement, so mark your calendars for April 30th! You don't want to miss it! We'll be celebrating 3 years together!

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