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New Series, Saint Parasitic

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

A new series was released on the site yesterday under Comics.

Saint Parasitic has been hidden on the site for a while, but now it's officially launched! Like Beyond Remnants, the story has already been plotted out, but it is shorter on the whole. There will not be regular updates until 2021, but at least the prologue and first couple chapters will be released this year, so you can begin reading right away. A recommended age for readers has not yet been established, but there are guidelines given in regards to what kind of content you can expect on the prologue page, and it is significantly more mild than Beyond Remnants.

Up until this point, Saint Parasitic has been used as a test subject to help with Beyond Remnants' production. Tests have been a huge success and we should start seeing more BR content soon as a result.

To note, future chapters of Saint Parasitic will be released when completely finished, while Beyond Remnants will be released in parts due to the size difference in chapters. There is also still a lot of work on the side that needs to be finished for Beyond Remnants, but Saint Parasitic is ready to go! Please enjoy this series between chapters and feel free to let us creators know what you think!

A webtoon release is planned for 2021. This goes for both Saint Parasitic and Beyond Remnants, but we will likely see SP at the beginning of the year and BR near the end. This is in line with using SP to test things so we can have as smooth a release as possible for Beyond Remnants. Current readers can expect some upgrades to the BR comic at that time on both Webtoon and the website.

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