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Routine Maintenance and Privacy Policy Update

We did some site cleanup today!

We added to Section 5 of our privacy policy and did a little detail work to make some things more clear. You can read it all here.

Here's a look at some other updates we made today:

- We fixed the mobile layout for Saint Parasitic.

- Updated our progress so far for the next chapter of Beyond Remnants (scheduled for September 4th, 2021!)

- Did some behind the scenes work to help google share results during searches.

- Added our Email to the Support page along with information in regards to that.

Here's what's to come:

Since you were cool and read our boring update news, here's what you can look forward to! On September 4th, we're holding a live stream on Twitch to announce the following...

- Beyond Remnants comic update, chapter 4.

- The Five Layers of Earth comic update, official launch with first chapter.

- Saint Parasitic comic update, chapter 3.

- Two Sides comic update, official launch with first chapter.

In other words, there will be a lot to read! It's the kind of content comic fans have been waiting for. (We know. You've told us.) The stream will be a lot of fun, so we hope to see you there!

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