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Saint Parasitic Continues

Our October update has a lot to offer!

We just updated Saint Parasitic! You can read it right now! With the holidays coming up, and a lot of other projects to work on, the next update for the series will be in 2023.

Another big update is we changed Extras to Delve, and you can delve a lot deeper now! We added more soundtracks, new art, and another page under the delve category. See what's new!

Soapy now has a soundtrack! You can read the series with these new tracks and have an even greater experience! Enjoy listening to the complete soundtrack right now.

Our support page links to more great content, so if you're looking for something to read while you wait for our 3rd anniversary event, you can peek at our recommendations! We have big plans for our community that we can hardly wait to reveal!

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