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Shift in Schedule

The Five Layers of Earth had an update today, bringing in chapter 3 and a short preview of chapter 4! TFLoE, short series that it is, will be coming to an end soon. With that at a close, more time will be dedicated to Beyond Remnants and Saint Parasitic.

I've not had a lot of time for working on comics these last two months, I've been focused on doing some special lessons with my kiddo, Isaac. He's learned a lot in just a little time, meanwhile Andrew has picked up some of the work I couldn't get to, such as coloring. I should be back in the swing of things in 2022, but for the holiday season, I want to give Isaac all the attention and care he needs to succeed as he turns 5 early next year!

I realize with the changes I've made, a change in schedule is needed! We'll now be updating the website on Sundays rather than Saturdays. This works better for me overall right now, and it shouldn't have much of an impact--if any--on our readers!

Saint Parasitic has launched on Webtoon and Tapas! ...Sort of!

It's just the prologue for now, though regular updates are scheduled for 2022.

Speaking of Tapas, that's our first post on the platform! Our hope is to reach more people where they're at. We don't really want to send individuals off, but if you already have an account you are welcome to check out our profile there!

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