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Soapy Series Finale

The final episode of Soapy released today! Let's take a moment to appreciate this uniquely clean series!

Soapy with Loofah in the background

Soapy got its start thanks to some teasing within the Beyond Remnants community.

Unable to pass up the opportunity for a joke, Hannah took five minutes to brainstorm a series using a bar of soap as the main character. The main plot, including the ending to season 2, was already in mind before the first episode launched. Urlocke, the original instigator, knew from how Hannah left the conversation that night that he had just started something.

The very first episode of Soapy released on January 21st, 2022, with a season finale posted on April 17th of the same year. On April 30th, 2023, we released a new episode to kick off season 2, all while celebrating the anniversary of Beyond Remnants. As of today, the series has reached its end.

It was a fun and easy series to work on! Here are some facts about it!

  • Soapy, Loofah, and King Lemon had no stunt doubles, and are all still around today, over a year later.

  • Soapy is a Dove brand for sensitive skin bar of soap. It was between that and an Irish Spring bar.

  • Soapy had five siblings. One of his brothers passed away during the creation of season 2, when a friend staying at the Blank residence needed some soap.

  • #SOULANCHOR was a running joke long before Soapy existed.

  • At the time of writing this article, Soapy is by far the most popular webcomic we have released.

Well, it's been great! We hope you enjoyed this series!

Keep it clean.

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