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That Big Summer Update

What a week! Last Saturday we had a huge site update! We were so busy that we missed updating our news last week to announce everything!

Here's a quick rundown!

Terri and Rose Mix from Beyond Remnants
Thumbnail from Beyond Remnants chapter, "Hostage"
  • Beyond Remnants and Saint Parasitic both had an update!

  • Chapter 1 of The Five Layers of Earth and Two Sides also officially launched!

  • Storyboards and dialogue for The Five Layers of Earth series were completed, so the art is the only thing that needs to be done for the series to be finished!

  • Our YouTube channel got an update and continues to roll out new videos every Saturday this month!

  • Our Ko-fi got an update and also continues to get weekly updates in September!

  • We added a new Terri emote to the Discord!

And what has followed?

  • We took a quick survey and found that readers loved the longer update for Beyond Remnants, so we'll be keeping all updates for Beyond Remnants a minimum of 30 panels from here on out!

  • We put up a short preview of The Five Layers of Earth's second chapter, and hope to have the full chapter out very soon!

  • We got storyboards going on Beyond Remnants and Saint Parasitic.

  • We added a quick way back to the comic page after clicking into a title. This will make navigating on mobile device quick and easy! We're always making little adjustments here and there to improve the experience for all of our readers, and if you have a specific suggestion for the website, to improve functionality, you can always feel free to share it with us on our Discord!

Downside for this week, Hannah didn't get a day off so we didn't make as much progress as we'd have liked on our webcomics. Here's hoping next week she'll get the time off needed to make some real progress!

Upside, Andrew has been studying and practicing art this week, and is working hard to improve himself so he can get started on Chapters of Arson! He's showing real promise now! Expect the first chapter to drop in 2022.

The next big site announcement will be on October 30th. See you then!

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