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Beyond Remnants Celebrates Its Second Anniversary!

Happy Second Anniversary!

Raol chibi eating cake drawn by Neolithia
Raol eating cake by Neolithia for Beyond Remnants

To celebrate, we're giving away two adorable wallpapers on our Discord! Don't have Discord? You can still download the wallpaper above for free and have a slice of cake with Raol! We'll be hanging with him soon!

Looking over the past two years, we completed our short story, Dream of Snow, The Five Layers of Earth, and even got Soapy to a good stopping point with a season 1 finale. We launched Saint Parasitic, now with updates at the end of every other month, and we shared the first chapter of Two Sides. Today, we introduce Chapters of Arson to our collection of comics, and in 2023 we'll be kicking off Resistance: Fabled Peace. All this progress, and yet...

Beyond Remnants remains the series with the most interest from our readers. It is significantly longer than the other comics we've released so far, and even longer still than our planned titles for the future. There's no denying that it deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten thus far. We have released a prologue and followed it with four chapters, and only the fifth having a finished storyboard. That's basically getting two chapters a year... You don't have to say it, we already know... we're going to have to pick up the pace if we want to get where we're going.

Well, we'll just have to see what this new year brings for Beyond Remnants.

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