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My Original Process for Creating Webcomics

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

My old process was a bit... random.

My tools consisted of my purchased copy of Photoshop CS5 from years back, my mouse and keyboard, and a hand-me-down computer that sometimes struggled a bit.

In most cases, I would draw an individual picture by hand, scan it, then use the pen tool in Photoshop to begin the slow and difficult process of making digital lineart. I would then continue to use my mouse and color it in, add shading, and use default brushes since I didn't have many brushes downloaded. Hm... still might need more of those...

After a tiny person broke my scanner by mistake, I switched to taking pictures of my art with my phone, or I would attempt to draw digitally with my mouse from scratch.

After I finished these individual pictures, I would compile them into a comic. This is how the prologue for Beyond Remnants was created.

Later on, Andrew bought me my first pen display! It... hated Photoshop. So we bought Clip Studio Paint! It was a really different experience, but didn't take terribly long for me to learn. Unfortunately, my pen display gave me nonstop fits, even with CSP, till eventually I had it replaced. This was a recent event, but it's been absolutely wonderful!

I now have established a solid method for creating webcomics, which is quite different from what you read above! I'm happy to say it is far more organized and productive than my... *ahem* former method.

Be sure to check out my current creative process when I post about it next month!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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