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The Five Layers of Earth

It's here, it's on Webtoon, and it's on Tapas!

The Five Layers of Earth is almost finished! We have most of chapter 4 up now, and chapter 5 coming soon! The series is a short story, each "layer" told over the course of a chapter.

Last Sunday we had the delight of publishing chapter 1 on Webtoon and Tapas. We also scheduled the comic to update every other Sunday, so you'll see chapter 2 up next week! There's no need for you to wait, of course. This is the place you want to be for all the latest content!

It's easy to see reading the comics that a lot more is going on behind the scenes. Had we the time and resources, this series would undoubtedly be longer, but given our finite time and resources, it's got to wrap up so other stories have the chance to be told! We don't plan to make any cuts or trims to Beyond Remnants, after all, which means we'll be moving along with that series for quite some time. Hope to have you stick it out with us!

In addition to being on many platforms now, TFLoE will be on YouTube as both a readable comic and an English dub! We've already got great voice files for it stored away. We have all of chapter one edited into a video, and are working to add the rest of the chapters soon!

We expect to be completely finished with the series by the end of January, 2022!

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