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Maybe it Needs a Catchy Title to get Your Attention!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Or better content.

Yeah, that's probably it.

Writing these news posts for anxious readers is a great way to spend that time I can't use on art! Well, at least I think it is. I hold the high hopes that, one day, my readers will look at more than just the comics and be invested in the website as a whole! However, as I'm thinking about it, when I'm invested in a webcomic I usually skip past the random extras that the author posts to keep reading. There have been exceptions to the rule, yes, but I don't think I could tell you what makes me decide to stop and read an author Q&A or personal update.

Artwork by fans is something else. If I see fanart shared, I will stop. Art always gets my attention, and so it may be for my current readers! Perhaps if I started putting some beautiful art in the site updates, fans would read the news and catch the latest!

My articles are certainly not too wordy. If anything, they're too short. I try to get right to the point to save my readers time! It seems it was not too much of a concern though. The numbers have indicated that most people just read the Title. If even that.

Looking at the most popular post right now, I see 13 views, 0 comments, and 0 hearts. (Yes, that little heart in the corner of posts is clickable.)

This popular post is also about Animal Crossing and not about site updates or particularly useful news. Regardless, these posts are for the readers, so we need to give them what they want! This is not quite enough to go off of, but it did include interesting visuals and a decent title, so I'll keep all that in mind.

If you happen to be reading this self-examining post, feel free to leave me feedback on what you would most like to see! News, art, updates, mini-comics, or anything else! I'm likely going to include all of the above and then some! I love updating Beyond Remnants and I'm always excited when I can bring you all more content!

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